My name is Adrian Moreno. I’m an enterprise solution architect focused on building easy to use applications using a variety of technology stacks. Most of my career has involved ColdFusion and Java. I’m currently moving into JavaScript based application development.

When I’m not coding or writing for this blog, I’m reading, playing Xbox (Overwatch) or at a concert.

Battle Stations

My brother and my first computer was an Apple IIe with a dual 5.25” floppy drive and the 256k memory expansion kit. he still has it and it still works. I started learning web development in 1997 using a 75 MHz Pentium Packard Bell with a 13” monitor. I currently use a 2016 15” MacBook Pro with three 2k resolution monitors.


In 2010, I contributed a chapter to the Adobe ColdFusion Anthology. Chapter 11, “You Might Have a Performance Bottleneck If”, outlines 12 common problems in web applications that can be easily solved through proper data architecture.