Adobe MAX 2007 : Night 1 : Birds of a Feather

Posted on October 8, 2007

Free pizza and open bars outside of every session room made for an interesting night.

Meet the CF Team

I had planned on attending this one, but ended up catching up with a friend out in the hallway.

ColdFusion in the Enterprise

Brian Meloche ran this session where we talked about Coldfusion’s presence and perception in Enterprise companies.

The one topic that kept coming up was, of course, the price of deploying Coldfusion applications to companies that do not currently use Coldfusion. For software shops that are developing applications, it can be difficult to market a low-cost piece of software in cases where the buyer must also purchase a copy of Coldfusion in order to use it.

However, for large companies, the price of Coldfusion is trivial in comparison to how much can get done in return.

Promoting Coldfusion outside of the Coldfusion community

Brian ran this session as well. The goal was to gather quick ideas and then flesh them out into larger plans that people could use to promote CF to people and companies that don’t currently use ColdFusion.

If you were in the IT Management group, please send your information to blog@{this domain} so we can acknowledge you as a contributor and to get some more input from you for the document if you have some time.

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