Adobe MAX 2007 : Day 0

Posted on October 2, 2007

Sunday before MAX was fun despite someone from our group missing their flight.

Getting there was interesting

Four of us were on the same 9:30 flight, only three of us made it. My supervisor was one minute late, so they wouldn’t let him board. After waiting an extra hour at the Chicago airport, we finally headed out to the hotel.

We met up with some coworkers that had (separately) spent the weekend sight-seeing and headed out for some Chicago deep-dish pizza. Not realizing how long it would take to cook, I only got one slice before grabbing a cab so I could get ready for Ignite MAX.

Ignite was fun

I was second up in the first hour, talk about nervous. I got a cheer from the CFers in the crowd when I mentioned that all the Ajax we added to the Unitrin Specialty site could have been done with 5 or 10 lines of CF 8.

The last speaker, MAX, was actually Max, a 15 year-old whiz who was the youngest attendee at last year’s MAX.

What I didn’t know was that the Ignite talks would be re-run throughout the conference near the Adobe store. Nothing like being on video to further your weight-loss efforts. :P

On the town

After the reception, we took a limo to Gibson’s for a great steak dinner. If you’re in Chicago, you have to try it.

After hours lounge

Ended the night playing Halo 3 and Quake 4. Passed out later.

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