Ignite MAX: Speaker Schedule

Posted on September 28, 2007

Ignite MAX will be this Sunday from 5 - 7 pm. Here’s the final speaker schedule.

– Hour 1 –

  1. Living for a Living: Programming, Contracting, Slacking, Living - Phillip Kerman

    Love programming but also want to have a life? This fun look at how to balance it all can ensure you get a daily nap.

  2. The Site Rewrite Project - Adrian Moreno [ME!]

    The task was to update the UI of our existing site. Instead we rewrote it from the ground up using an OO Architecture.

  3. A FarCry from Open Source - Geoff Bowers

    Building an open source community is rewarding but hard work; it’s not enough to have great code.

  4. Coding without code - Dan Florio

    I made a button. I named it ‘play_btn’. Wouldn’t it be great if Flash were smart enough to make it work without code?

  5. PureMVC and the Art of Rocketship Maintenance - Clifford Hall

    Learn how PureMVC can help you build robust, scalable and maintainable applications in any AS3 environment.

  6. Everything is Important- Robert Hoekman, Jr.

    A tiny change to the WordPress.com home page dramatically increased conversions. See why incremental improvements work.

  7. RIAForge - Raymond Camden

    I’ll talk about RIAForge, Adobe’s open source support site.

  8. Building Open Source Software for Flash - Chris Allen

    Discusses what goes into an open source project for Flash. Includes how to build a team, get paid work, and more.

– Hour 2 –

  1. Mapping with AIR - Greg Sadetsky

    We will present different ways to easily integrate the latest mapping technology into AIR applications, using a variety of 2D and 3D mapping engines, including Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, ESRI ArcWeb Explorer and Poly9 FreeEarth.

  2. Defining Rich - Kevin Hoyt

    What are the user experience and economic factors that are driving RIA?

  3. Bridging the Designer/ Coder/Manager gaps - Troy Gardner

    Successful interactive projects require coordinating amazingly different people. Here’s help bridging the gaps between.

  4. Making Adobe MAX or How I learned to love the rollercoaster! - Theodore Patrick

    From party planning, to speaker wrangling, to artificial turf selection, let’s take a look at the making of Adobe MAX.

  5. Score with Flex up the middle - Chuck Freedman

    Using Flex Builder, layout was done in minutes. No fiddling with dhtml/css to arrange elements, just drag & drop & done!

  6. Developing enterprise applications in a world in beta - Michael Colombo

    Seen enough Web 2.0 mashups? Let’s discuss building a business case, managing, and executing in an Adobe RIA universe.

  7. RIA Revolution in Enterprise Application Development - Anatole Tartakovsky

    I will share my vision of the future enterprise:integrated approach to RIA, real-time data streaming, document management.

  8. Development for the Young at Heart - Max

    I think someone hit the “send” button a bit early on the last one. I’ll see if I can find out what it’s about.

See you Sunday!

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