I'm Speaking at Ignite MAX 2007

Posted on September 24, 2007

I received notice on Thursday that my talk had been chosen as 1 of 16 presentations to be made for Ignite MAX on September 30th. Each presentation will be 5 minutes long. If you’re going to MAX, make sure to catch the show. I’ll be putting Object Oriented Coldfusion in the spotlight.

The Talk

More often than I’d care to mention, you’ll hear about how some big company used to run their site on Coldfusion.

  • The Coldfusion site was so slow
  • Coldfusion is a memory and CPU hog.
  • The code was hard to manage.
  • The server kept crashing.
  • Our customers hated it.

So the solution was to scrap the whole thing and build a new version of the site with another language like PHP, Java or (shudder) .NET.

  • It’s so fast now!
  • It doesn’t use many resources.
  • The code is so easy to maintain.
  • Our uptime is so much better.
  • Our customer LOVE the new site.

Oddly enough, those were exactly the reactions we had after we rebuilt Unitrin Specialty’s 6 year old, procedurally built Coldfusion site.

My talk will be about how using Object Oriented Programming concepts WITH Coldfusion, as well as a new CSS layout and a bunch of Ajax, we built ourselves a very snazzy new site.

Now I just need to figure out how to boil down a year-long project into 5 minutes. :)

The two most popular presentations that night will get to present again during one of the general sessions. So show Coldfusion your support!

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